Crew Management

Crew Management

We are a crew management company committed to provide client driven services with high standards of safety and environment issues, both on board & ashore. We work for
protection and enhancement of our owner’s assets by keeping their vessels well maintained. The vessels are operated safely, efficiently & economically by well trained personnel.

Our management expertise adds value to the ship operations by ensuring that we have the right number of right people in place at all times ensuring cost effectiveness.

The fleet personnel database of IPMS is not just of numbers but building of relationships. Seafarers are our main assets. We have built up a team of dedicated, well trained and committed seafarers for our Principals. Our crewing database is having details of more than 10,000 seafarers. The updating and evaluation of competence of seafarers is done on an ongoing basis to ensure only the BEST are retained.

We have achieved very low attrition rate due to the confidence in seafarers by the our quality of service and personnel touch extended to them.

We have set up high professional standards in the recruitment process of our seafarers. Our officers and ratings undergo a stringent selection and screening process before we place them on any vessel. This process includes screening of past records, verification and authenticity of their certificates along with medical obligation. We select performance oriented seafarers by means of personal & professional networking. They are trained in-house at our training facilities of simulators, various value added modules and management courses.