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IBC Code amendments to replace existing certificates
Lloyd’s Register has issued Statutory Alert to remind owners and technical managers of chemical tankers, offshore supply vessels and other vessels with Noxious Liquid Substances certificates that 2012 amendments to the IBC Code entering into force on 1 June, 2014. The amendments will revise Chapter 17 (the summary of minimum requirements) and Chapter 18 (the list of products to which the Code does not apply).
The amendments apply to new and existing vessels which have IBC/BCH Code Certificates of Fitness and Noxious Liquid Substances Certificates. Offshore supply vessels with certificates of Fitness in compliance with IMO Resolution A.673(16), as amended, will also be affected.
New certificates complying with these amendments must be on board from 1 June, 2014. All loading after this date must be in accordance with the new certificates. When a cargo is loaded before 1 June, 2014, and unloaded after this date, the relevant IBC Code provisions at the time of loading should apply until the cargo has been unloaded.

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