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Marine Accident Investigation
IP Marine Solutions has undertaken more than 90 marine investigations on various type of vessel involved in different kinds of marine accident viz crew casualty, fire/explosion, grounding, collision, abandonment, engine & machinery failure, marine pollution, flooding and stranding.

We adhere to the Marine Accident Investigation code 2010, that states every accident to be reported, analyzed and recommendations made to prevent recurrence.

Our investigators are in the panel of Flag State Administrations. We excel in the field of marine accident investigations with our objective to improve safety of life at sea, safeguard environment, property and cargo. The investigation establishes the cause and contributory factors by analyzing information and drawing conclusions. The recommendations are made to beneficiaries (ship owners, managers and seafarers) to take remedial and preventive steps to avoid recurrence of such accidents. By doing so, we intend to achieve zero accident goal, saving time, money and manpower for the shipping industry.

Our team has been involved in investigations into many serious and high-profile casualties and are able to respond quickly and effectively in case of any type of marine accident.

For all investigations, time plays an important factor in order to collect evidence without change to its value and human psychology. We value utmost use of latest equipments on board ship viz VDR, ECDIS, course recorder, Eco Sounder, telegraph data logger, engine monitoring log etc, which are very important for findings and analysis of investigation. For this reason our team of investigators travel without loss of time to shipping hubs (Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Guangzhou-HK)and many other ports in Thailand, Maldives, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Saint Kitts and Navis, Saint Lucia, Cambodia, Fiji, Djibouti, Korea.

We can determine cause and assist in mitigating the loss, collect evidence, provide expert advice to ship owners, operators and underwriters for non-occurrence of similar accidents.

Marine Casualty investigation will serve to safeguard life property and environment together with an adequate fulfillment of safety tasks on board and a reduction in collisions, groundings, near misses and pollution incidents, all of which contribute heavy losses to variety of stakeholders.
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